Washington, Georgia, United States

Breeds and types of chickens we raise.



 Buckeye are large dual purpose birds that do well in the Summer and Winter. The Buckeye is a Mahogany red color and lays brown medium to large eggs. These birds are good foragers and have a good temperament.   

Rhode Island Red


 The Rhode Island Red is a dual purpose bird that lays large brown eggs. These birds are hardy and make great foragers.  

Speckled Sussex


 The Speckled Sussex is a dual purpose bird that lays large brown, tan or cream colored eggs. These birds are good foragers. The Speckled Sussex had a deep Burgundy base color with speckles of white throughout the feathering.  



The Silkie is a Bantam fluffy ball of fun, that come bearded and non-bearded. Silkies lay small white or cream colored eggs. We have white, blue, grey, black, buff and partride colored Silkies that all live together so chicks colors are pretty much a mystery until they hatch. I like a good mystery.

Easter and Olive Eggers


Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers are the mutts of the chicken world that usually lay pretty colored eggs. Egg color could be anything from white, cream, brown, blue, green and sometimes pink or purple. I have yet to have a hen to lay a purple egg, but I am ever hopeful. We have both large and small sized Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers. 

Game Birds (mixed)


Game birds are beautiful chickens that can be aggressive and wild or so I'm told. Our Game birds are a bit spoiled. What I have learned after having Game birds for over three years is that they are very smart and tend to do better than other breeds when they free range.